As a mental health educator, I teach our community, including students of all ages that we all have mental health. Everyone in the world has mental health! Our mental health is on a continuum where sometimes we feel well, and other times we feel unwell depending upon what is going on around us and within us. Just as our physical health is on a continuum of some days feeling well, and some days feeling unwell.

It is up to each individual to be aware of our triggers and what makes us feel unwell with our mental health, and to remember that our mental and physical health are directly connected. So, when we are feeling mentally unwell it will manifest in our physical and our spiritual health.

Know what self-care/healthy practices will help you move back on the continuum to wellness. It will look different for each individual, as our mental health is different for each individual.

During the holiday season, our mental health can especially be triggered by many different situations, and/or people.

Have a pre planned strategy if you feel triggered so that you are able to self regulate when you begin to be aware of changes occurring and your anxiety/depression/anger escalating. Practicing self care strategies every day allows us to de-escalate more effectively. It becomes a part of our wellness regimen. And, there is ALWAYS help available if you feel your healthy practices aren’t working.
Reach out to your primary care physician, therapist, a trusted friend/loved one, or your local Mental Health Association.
We must continue to have an ongoing dialogue to raise awareness and eliminate stigma because…
“Self care are the actions that we take to achieve wellness, and wellness is where we stand in our power!”

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