“I don’t believe we can ever go back to a relationship that repeatedly poisoned our spirit due to an unwell mindset unless both people have done intensive self work and extensive, deep soul reflection that has rebirthed one. SOULMATES. TWIN FLAMES. 
I have completed this work over the past 7 years and I continue to embrace the ongoing opportunities for growth. It IS a lifelong process of lessons which empowers us.  I absolutely love the soul that I have evolved into and stand firmly in waiting for the Universe to send me a loving soul who matches my energy, and who will offer the love, respect and kindness which I so well deserve. One with integrity, humility and grace. One who is free of ALL toxic substances that may penetrate ones soul. For this I pray every day.

I am an independent woman, joyful and offer a heart filled with love and devotion for the one that seeks me, and who offers the same. A self assured man of God/Spirit who is humble and stands in FAITH of the universe and himself.
I await my SOUL PROVIDER.”  – Wendy Blanchard, MS, CHHC

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