“Recovery from SUD and co-occurring disorders is a new lease on life when it works. It is our will with ongoing support of others expertise and lived experience, and Divine guidance that offers us the opportunity to heal, to learn new healthy habits that are sustainable and allow us to thrive. It is all about what we create for ourselves as in everything in life.

Sadly, recovery work is not for the weak hearted, and can be a day to day…moment to moment struggle for many. Those of us who are successful in our recovery and are observing loved ones who are unable to grab on…feel heartbroken at the profound sense of loss even in life.

This is a chronic and progressive brain disease that IS diagnosable and treatable for those who still have the awareness of their stage of disease and are willing to do whatever it takes to save their lives…to succeed…and to practice recovery through healthy practices every day, which includes self care, and spiritual solutions that resonate individually.

”God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

To change the things I can…

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

May the Universe/God/Spirit offer those living with this disease and their loved one’s strength and comfort throughout their lives.

I have come to realize that we truly cannot help another unless they ask to be helped.


God can only help those who help themselves.

Love and blessings,


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