When we are living in recovery from Substance Use Disorder from any substance, it can be hard to find sober activities and relationships. I often think about creating a sober type “meetup” group, and perhaps one day in the future, I will come up with a fun idea, and a venue.

I never had an alcohol use disorder, yet, I would never drink in my recovery from prescription drug addiction (over 6 years clean now) because alcohol is a drug, and knowing how easily the brain can fall back into old patterns in addictive behaviors, I steer clear of any substance that is “mood/mind altering.” My holistic lifestyle is full of natural and organic solutions to choose from in living my healthiest life.

Dating in recovery can also be a challenge. Many times in the past, I had declined a date because the meeting was going to be set in a bar, and almost all of the potential dates enjoyed a few alcoholic beverages most nights after work, and on the weekend.

However, I am very solid in my recovery, devoted and disciplined in my recovery, and if a potential partner is not abusing alcohol, and is respectful of my lifestyle, and of course, I am of theirs, I see no reason not to enjoy someone’s company. Very recently, I was asked to meet someone for “a drink,” and I elected to go, and have sparkling water! There are also “MOCK TAILS” as an alternative! For me, it’s all about connection and fun…naturally and organically. If at any time I become uncomfortable with a situation, I can respectfully bow out.

I enjoy meeting people and connecting, and many people enjoy a cocktail while socializing. So, in my own “natural and organic” way, I feel comfortable meeting up! I am only in control of myself, and I never waver from my sobriety, and would never visit my lifestyle on anyone else.

And, in the meantime, if you have suggestions for a sober “meetup” group, I’m open! I’d love to hear your ideas! I thought about a sober sip and paint where we can sip on a variety of coffees and teas, and anything else non alcoholic! Painting is a known fun anti anxiety activity! To be continued….

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,



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