The following are my personal favorite daily spiritual self care practices that keep me grounded, connected, and in a beautiful and deep alignment with myself, and with Spirit.

1. Early morning meditation/prayer where I seek daily, loving guidance, and using one minute “re-alignment” meditations as needed throughout the day

2. Five minutes of free writing in my journal, including gratitude for spiritual connection, based on my early morning meditation/prayer experience

3. Taking a walk with purpose (mindfulness at the beauty and sounds, and breathing)

4. Staying connected in a way that is cathartic for my soul, as well as offering healing and hope to others

5. Listening and connecting to music, and/or an inspiring audiobook

6. Eating mindfully, organically, and choosing foods that promote wellness, including plenty of water

7. Practicing empathy and compassion utilizing a judgement free mindset, of myself, and others

8. Using Essential Oils

9. Cooking and baking

10.Unplug from social media in “chunks” throughout the day and replace with face to face or phone connection

I always end my day with a gratitude prayer, and a BODY SCAN meditation that is effective for stress reduction, relaxation, wellness and physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.

Harmonious health 4 life is a holistic practice of healthy physical, emotional and spiritual practices that help us to achieve wellness, and wellness is where we stand in our power.

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