Seven years ago I prayed for guidance so that I would be freed from addiction to prescription drugs, and freed from my unhealthy learned behaviors as well as relationships that were also toxic.

The Universe/God/Spirit answered my prayers. I experienced a rebirth and rebooted  to begin again. Although these past years have been difficult at times, I have been blessed with a profound awakening.  I’ve thrived in my recovery. My recovery is the most important part of my life because without it, I have absolutely nothing. My recovery is where I stand in my power, and my Spiritual practice is what keeps me grounded.

All that I’ve experienced and risen above have been necessary in preparing me for the life I live today, and all that I hope for in the future. It’s taught me to cherish my own wellness before anything and anyone else so that I can be my best self, and so that I may offer the best me to my loved ones. My loved ones and friends are most important to me, and one day I just know I’ll be blessed with love in my life. I’m so ready, thanks to all of the experiences and lessons I have learned…with Grace.

I asked for change, I asked God to save my life, and I received. I’ve grown into an evolved soul who has awakened body, mind and spirit.

Before you ask, check yourself. You have to be ready to rock at a moment’s notice because the Universe ALWAYS answers our prayers. Be very sure you are willing to do the work as it is not for the weak hearted. Keep your attention focused on each step, one at a time, instead of the finish line. Take your own time, but never give away your power by giving up. Take frequent breaks, ask for support, stand firmly grounded in faith, have confidence in your ability to co-create with Spirit, know exactly where the finish line is located for the current journey (as it will change throughout your life) and remember that TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

Soak in every moment of every step you take. It is an achievement. Saturate yourself in the lesson. Use it often, and then, pass it on as you prepare for your next Universal assignment. Most importantly, rock it with joy, and fun.
Everything that you create is always yours to keep. You’ve earned it all.

I am so humbled and so proud of all of my accomplishments. Some days as I reflect, I actually cry as I realize how hard I’ve worked, how far I’ve come, and how blessed I am to be alive. And, I’m so grateful for every single moment.

Love and blessings,


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