homemade organic cranberry sauce

homemade organic cranberry sauce

homemade organic pumpkin pie

homemade organic pumpkin pie

All recipes are gluten and dairy free. FIND MY GL-AIRY FREE RECIPES AT Blissfullyglairyfree.com!

Did you know?….

We assimilate the nutrients and energy of the foods we eat.

Greens reach toward the sun where they soak up chlorophyll which provides our blood with oxygen. Greens are powerful mood enhancers! It is beneficial to feast on cooling fruits and lighter greens in the summertime when they are at their peak in harvest.

Squash/Gourds grow level to the ground and help to balance mood and energy level.

Root vegetables such as carrots and beets grow into the ground and absorb the nutrients from the soil which provides downward energy for grounding us when we are overstimulated! Vegetables such as squash and carrots grow more abundantly in the wintertime, and will add warmth to the body.

It’s important to maintain a balance of eating seasonally in addition to eating locally to stay in harmony with the natural order of things. Eating from your own garden or purchasing your produce from a local farmers’ market will allow you to feel more connected to your home, and your local community. When you eat seasonal, locally grown produce, the body is able to maintain balance more efficiently from the inside-out.

“The principles of macrobiotics involve creating a yin and yang balance in all aspects of life – including the food combinations we choose to eat.” Hence, “you are what you eat!”

To feel grounded and relaxed, go towards eating sweet veggies, root veggies, meat, fish, and beans. Prepare them by stewing, pressure cooking or baking. For a light and creative feeling of self, go towards eating leafy greens, quinoa, fruit, and raw foods. I would also suggest a small piece of dark chocolate! Boil or steam your foods on a gas stove. To feel connected and in harmony with the order of nature, eat organic, whole and local foods. Include brown rice in your diet as well. If you are able to have your own home garden and do all of your own home cooking with these foods, that is my preference for an overall zen existence. Whole, organic, sustainable foods are what I eat every day and I have healed myself after 40 years of prescription drug addiction through this organic lifestyle.

If you want to alleviate feelings of tension and anxiety, avoid sugar, alcohol, drugs and caffeine, and do not prepare your foods in a microwave, or on an electric stove. Also avoid purchasing food that is associated with factory farming!

Avoid processed foods at all costs! Processing food strips it of many nutrients that are essential to good health and generally involves adding sweeteners, colors, flavors, and preservatives. Only eat foods in their original, unheated state. To read more about processed foods, go to http://www.quora.com/What-is-the-pure-definition-of-processed-food.

Eat as much as you want of foods that are nutrient rich and low in calories!

Buy local, eat local, and grow your own produce when possible. I eat whole foods that are organic and I feel the best I have ever felt! Even the supplements and essential oils that I use daily as part of my regimen are plant, whole food based. The foods we eat affect our overall health, moods and behavior. We truly are what we eat. Don’t you deserve the best?

Wishing you Harmonious Health 4 Life!

To your good health!


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