I share my experiences in areas of health, holistic health/lifestyle, integrative medicine, family and relationships as a way of offering support and guidance as a holistic health counselor, mental health professional, survivor of Substance Use Disorder and co-occurring disorders, teacher, author, and loving soul with experience, growth, and a continuous cycle of transformation…REBIRTHS. I always offer the truth, even when it may be painful, so that others may hear their own story in mine, and avoid the heartbreak, and making unwise and unhealthy choices in their own lives. I am not saying my way is always the right way for everyone, or that you should substitute my choices for what you know will work for you, but what I share works for me with great success as I am enjoying healthy, loving relationships, great health, a growing business, a book being prepped for publishing, a career that I love, and the most important component, love and respect of self…WITH BOUNDARIES. So, as the saying goes, “Take what works for you and leave the rest.”

Without wasting too much of my time or energy, I would just like to offer something that was so helpful to me over the recent past “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” (In my case, the first 5 times). I want to believe in the goodness and integrity of others, based on my own personality and character, but I’ve learned that when one has been consistently untruthful for five years, almost from day one, no matter what I offer to another, it will never be enough for the wrong partner, especially one that isn’t able to love oneself (this is where we know that we cannot give away what we ourselves do not have…love). It hit me between the eyes recently when information was brought to my attention that, quite frankly, was where I heard myself say, “I knew it.” So, when you are receiving little “taps” along the way from the “Universe,” pay attention. I am not surprised by the repeated “wake up call” offering enlightenment, but am floored at the depth of the hole that another has sunken into strictly for self satisfaction with no regard for myself, or others. Lies, excuses, secrets. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” And, something that I heard today on a podcast that made me laugh, yet resonated deeply…”When you see crazy coming, cross the street.”

Our community is a small one, and so be rest assured that even if you do not want to admit the authenticity of another because you think you love them, somehow the truth will eventually come to fruition, and you are forced to acknowledge the facts. Forgive yourself for being a loving soul…to a fault, and move on. There are beautiful people out there…Be patient. The “Universe” always protects us from those who attempt to take a little piece of our soul with each encounter, something that I just got very recently. The “Universe” is our most beloved “soulmate.”

There are such wonderful and caring people in the world who watch out for each other, even when they may be putting their own relationship with another in jeopardy just to do the right thing. Family, friends, friends of family, colleagues…we are all “connected.” I live my life as an “open book.” I never have to look over my shoulder, or remember what I said. It is all authentic. It is all out there. It is my truth, it is THE truth, and it feels so good.

The “Universal” theory is that when you don’t show up for the lesson, it keeps rearing its ugly head. This day, I have reconciled this lesson, and am moving onto the next assignment. I continue to be a loving, caring, joyous soul, and spiritual student, and offer what I have to those who appreciate what I am offering, embrace it, and offer me the same in return. The more appreciated we feel, the more we want to continue to give.

Recently, I’ve been connected to a few new interesting, captivating, and exciting people. I am following the “Universe’s” direction and guidance, and will believe it the FIRST time…So far, I’m in! Next assignment is in the works…To be continued…

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,



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