Last week I had the opportunity to offer my son some advice…”You can only do what you can do.” It alleviated a stressful time for him. Last night, I had a friend/therapist offer me the same advice. It hit me between the eyes. “I CAN ONLY DO WHAT I CAN DO…GIVE ONLY WHAT I HAVE TO GIVE.”

In the past two weeks, my mother has been in the hospital, 1,200 miles away, and has had surgery to remove cancer, and most recently has suffered serious complications, and another mass found yesterday in her throat. She is now in the ICU.

Due to my own health challenge, I am unable to travel at this time. It is a fixable health challenge for which I have just begun receiving treatments, and meeting with a specialist in NYC this upcoming week regarding possible surgery, but at this time, due to the risk, I am unable to travel.

After looking at all options, and being on my own/single, the sad realization is that I must remain in N.Y. I am in touch with my mother’s doctor’s/hospital multiple times daily, and up until she was moved to ICU last night, I spoke to her daily. Of course, I am heartbroken that I cannot be there with her physically.

Sometimes under circumstances beyond our control…“we can only do what we can do.” We must always do what is best for our own self care and self preservation. Otherwise, we too become unwell and unable to care for ourselves, especially if we are our only source of caretaker and support.

I took the time last night to speak to my three children, each individually, to share this important lesson so that they know that as much as they may WANT to offer love, empathy and physical support in any given situation, they must always remember that it is in the love they offer from wherever they are that matters, and they can only do what they can do, and that will ALWAYS be enough. These wonderful and loving children are standing firmly behind me with loving support and encouragement.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life.

Love and blessings,


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