I am so excited to announce that I am a Wellness Partner with AMARE GLOBAL, a science based, Mental Wellness Company; a cutting edge Mental Wellness company with products in support of maintaining the most optimal mental wellness and gut health which fits perfectly into my own business at Harmonious Health 4 Life!

“Amare Global’s flagship gut-brain axis nutrition system, the Amare FundaMentals Pack, won the prestigious 2018 NutrAward for Best New Finished Product.

The NutrAward recognizes companies that are investing in rigorous and measurable scientific studies to prove the efficacy of their proprietary ingredients or technologies.

“Amare” means “to love” in Latin, and love is the universal language. Yet, in order to truly love others, we believe you must first start by loving yourself.

Our vision at Amare is to lead the global mental wellness revolution. By inspiring people to love and believe in themselves, we envision they will live an extraordinary life and make a difference for others.

The Amare Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of proven leaders in mental wellness, psychology, neuroimmunology, gut-brain axis, phytobiology, Chinese medicine, health, and nutrition. Their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm in their respective fields are a significant asset for us to continue to innovate in our product development and guarantee and maintain the integrity of efficacy of our no-compromise products.

The Amare Mental Wellness Advisory Board is made up of Wellness Partners who are also proven leaders in mental wellness, functional medicine and holistic health. Their expertise, experience and enthusiasm in their specialized fields are a significant asset to our organization. The Advisory Board’s contribution helps us innovate in the development of products and programs, allowing us to continue to make improvements in all aspects of the mental wellness field.”

I am using these scientifically proven products with my clients as a part of my holistic health and wellness counseling, and of course, I am using these products to promote my own health and wellness!

If you would like more information, please email me at and you can also visit my AMARE GLOBAL website here!

Wishing you Harmonious Health 4 Life!

Love and blessings,