As I continue to grow my health counseling practice, I provide a safe space virtually for all of my clients. Most of my clients are those eager to explore themselves within to determine the why and the when they began neglecting their health, abusing their bodies, and self medicating with drugs or alcohol, and their desire to take action to create change through new and healthy choices.

This is such a personal journey for me. I am on the other side of the street now in my own recovery for the past 7 plus years, and thriving through choosing to manage my mental health through natural and organic solutions in my own holistic approach to recovery. It is a Divine blessing to be able to work with others who are just at the beginning of their own recovery journey, and a few who are well into their journey.

This past week, I counseled three clients who are in early recovery, and one who had 3 years of sobriety, and relapsed. It is such an honor to be able to offer suggestions and have an ongoing dialogue as we examine the underlying emotions, triggers, talk them through, which will be an ongoing process, and get them back up on their feet, moving forward. I do remember so many times over the years where I wanted to give up, but my deep prayer and spiritual practice, as well as my holistic tools, and having the ability to “pause,” to breathe, to have the strength with God’s guidance to immediately remove myself from the present environment triggering me, to talk it out with a trusted friend/loved one/counselor, to understand that my feelings are impermanent and that if I could just wait a minute or two, these feelings would move through me, and I could make a healthier choice that would serve me, I would survive. And, that is how it has been. Thriving through allowing myself to feel, to learn, to examine within, to evolve, and to pay it forward. I am certain that it is due to my deep faith, and self awareness and self regulation skills that in times of feeling unwell mentally, I am able to take a break, practice extreme self care, and begin again…without judgment.

I love my work, and I am completely devoted to my sobriety, first, and committed to all those seeking recovery from mental health disorders, and Substance Use Disorder.

If you would like a 20 minute free consultation to talk about how I may support you to reach your health and wellness goals, and to thrive, please fill out my contact page on this website, or email me at

In addition, I work and counsel clients who are simply seeking healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable including nutrition counseling, through the gut/brain connection!

To your wellness!

Love and blessings,


Wendy Blanchard, M.S., INHC, NYCPS