An Integrative Approach to Recovery

Whole Person Wellness:Gut Brain Connection

Join author and international speaker and coach, Wendy Blanchard, for a 90 minute virtual workshop Whole Person Wellness:An Integrative Approach to Recovery-The Gut Brain Connection.

Wendy, a Board Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist, and Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and Consultant, will offer an interactive experience to support participants in learning how our gut and brain communicate, and how this impacts our mental health.

Wendy will provide an opportunity to engage in learning about how our brain, and our “gut brain” are connected. Learn how they work together, guided by our daily decisions to either promote wellness, or inflammation on a cellular level. The foods that we choose to eat, the thoughts that we allow ourselves to think, and the relationships that we choose to engage in, in addition to environmental factors, biological factors, and how well we practice daily self care, are all a recipe for wellness, or dis-ease.

All participants will be invited to a WhatsApp and/or Facebook Community Circle, which will be a private and safe space to share experiences and responses.

Whole Person Wellness Schedule and Price


Sunday, February 20, 2022


9AM – 10:30 AM PT

12PM – 1:30PM ET 

5PM – 6:30 PM GMT



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